Ace Owens vs. Nick Justice (Guest Ref)


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Nick Justice - the resident Chris Pratt - wants a match with somebody who knows the meaning of the word respect. This sexy stud is sick of being called “fat” just because his body type is a little different from the other guys. Semi-sadistic guest ref Matty O’Boy set up a match with Ace Owens...and a less respectful competitor you’re not likely to find! 

Ace is a total pretty-boy. Flawless face and olive complexion, along with tossing dark curls and deep-set eyes give him every advantage in life. Good thing Justice has spirit, energy, and anger on his side. These guys throw each other around with such speed and athleticism, the camera can barely track the high-flying action...that is until Justice finally secures Owens in a thigh hold that affords him the chance to toss his head around, rake his eyes, take handfuls of that perfect hair, and twist the living daylights out of those perfect nipples. 

Soon Ace is stretched out, legs spread wide, vacant expression on that handsome face. Tables turn when he finds his energy again, leaving both Justice and guest ref to be nothing more that toys for Owens to toss, throw, and kick. Who will win this wildly athletic battle of wills?

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 40 seconds

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