Ace Owens vs. Teddy Trouble


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You know when you’re in the locker room and a muscled hunk yells from the shower, “Hey, why don’t you join me?”  Yeah, no, not us either. But Ace Owens does get that invitation from Teddy Trouble while he’s getting changed. Looking a little perplexed as Teddy continues, “We’re all men in here, it’s all good . . . I’ve got the water warm for you,” Ace is totally unsure what’s going on.  But maybe what Ace should remember is that the last time he didn’t listen to Teddy, Trouble came calling and Teddy brutalized the boy in a last man standing match.

And since Ace hesitates a little too long in getting to the shower, Trouble is about to be unleashed again. Bashing Ace’s head into the lockers, Teddy stuns the boy, quickly getting Ace into a crushing head scissors. Teddy tries to explain to the straining Ace that he was just making a peace offering, “but now you’ve gone and made it weird.”  With Ace’s head gripped hard between Teddy’s tree trunk thighs, Teddy follows that up with, “what’s between my legs can keep you down.” So, this match is definitely going to stay weird. Ace pretends to agree to the shower to get away, but he’s going nowhere. Teddy knows how to wield his towel to keep Ace trapped in pain. Ace can do nothing but scream and writhe in pain, as Teddy spreads those lithe, sinewy legs of Ace like a wishbone, and then drops a knee to the balls.

But youth has its advantages, like stamina, and Ace gets the upper hand briefly with a couple of blows and a Boston Crab.  But if Teddy is not out, Trouble is still lurking, and once again he lulls the boy into a false sense of security, before fully dominating the boy yet again.  Teddy gets him locked up in those thighs again and again, threatening to break Ace’s arm and wrist. Ace swears his fingers are broken, and Teddy pretends to care for a minute, before slamming a locker door closed on that same hand.  It’s only a matter of time before Ace ends up in that shower, beaten down and dirty.

Run Time: 21 minutes, 05 seconds

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