Alex Oliver vs. Brendan Cage


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It was only a matter of time before Alex Oliver was put into a singlet. The babyfaced punishment taker faces off against Brendan Cage, or “Pops”, as he calls him disrespectfully. Oliver’s pathetic attempt at a bicep flex makes the more muscular Cage laugh his ass off. Oliver makes the first mistake, as he so often does, smacking Cage in the face, only to find his neck cranked back in a  solid nelson. 

Pops and the Kid have a score to settle, and no amount of nasty back-and-forth trash talk with settle it. Cage crushes Oliver with the full weight of his powerful frame, just daring the singlet-wearing stud to call him “Pops” again. 

“Experience always wins,” crows Cage, proudly displaying his far superior biceps. The next lock up sees Oliver’s legs spread wide in a humiliating ass-to-the-camera shot. Next it’s a brutal Boston crab for Oliver, and he flails and attempts to slap his way to freedom. Oliver drags the detained douchebag across the floor, crushes him between his thighs, and strips him of that stupid singlet. And that’s only the beginning of this perfect punishment session.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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