Alex Oliver vs. Damien Rush


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Who knew Damien Rush was a leather daddy? Alex Oliver wastes no time in mocking Rush’s leather accessory, motivating Rush to remove said leather accessory and stuff it into Oliver’s smack-talking mouth like a horse’s bridle. 

Rush uses the belt to crush Oliver’s flawless abs and wrench his ankle nearly out of socket, while leaning back in a posture of total superiority, flexing those glorious man muscles. Soon sadistic Rush is riding Oliver like a pony, torturing his face with that hard, thick, smelly leather. A brutal camel clutch turns Oliver’s face and body bright red, while Rush seduces the camera with those deep set eyes. 

Chest punishment, nipple twisting torture, full nelsons, and a cornered armpit abuse session that sees the pathetic kid forced to inhale long and deep in those sweaty, hairy armpits. Oliver takes his abuse like a champ. Rush dishes it out like a pro, in this inspiring struggle for respect.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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