Alex Oliver vs. Flash LaCash (Unleashed)


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No messing around at the start of this match. No frilly trash talk. No pointless pushing and shoving and dick wagging. These bruisers unleash the full extent of their power in a right off the bat battle for supremacy. Poor little Alex Oliver finds himself all wrapped up in LaCash's crushing grip. The bearded bro-daddy wrenches the kid backward with intent to flatten, twisting neck, spine, and smashing that pretty Alex Oliver face in the process. 

"Ready to give up yet?" LaCash asks. 

"Never!" Oliver barely manages to spit out between gasps, making his dominating opponent roar with laughter and launch an arsenal of pummeling punches on those lean abs. 

Leg torture, abdominal abuse, back breakers, and more. 

"What position are you gonna fill?" LaCash demands of a tortured Oliver before practically ripping his ears off and lacing him through the ropes. 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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