Alex Oliver vs. Sgt. Stiff (Gut Bash)


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Alex Oliver first showed up as part of a taping in Northern New England. His gym buddy, Braden Charron, had mentioned him to me, sent a photo and the heat was on from there. The e-mails flooded in after his debut in Audition Night with fans asking when/where/how they could see more of Alex.

Alex (6'1", 195 pounds) has a college degree and no wrestling experience. Not the best mix when matched up against the 6 foot, 275 pound sadist known as Sgt. Stiff.

Alex is ambitious and feels much more prepared following his first matches. But that's not gonna stop Sarge from having his way with Alex, easily. Oliver is put into many classically painful holds where the heel can really torture and control his opponent. Stiff is an aggressive, methodical deviant who picks his opponent apart with a smile hidden beneath his mask.

I read a quote the other day: "Give a man a mask and he'll reveal himself."

I know Sgt. Stiff in real-life and his daily demeanor is not like his masked persona...a switch goes off when the mask goes on.

A heavily one-sided squash job with two guys to watch as they come through the underground wrestling scene.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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