Alex Oliver vs. The Mountain (Audition Night)


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For all his size, the Mountain is pretty cute in his singlet, talkin’ trash, and thumping hard on much smaller Alex Oliver while never once messing up that very particular coiffure. Oliver thinks he has a chance at success against the bigger man, but size and speed don’t always even out. Oliver finds himself once again taking the beating of his short life, getting tossed around like a pretty little rag doll until he retaliates with screaming, shoving, thrashing rage against the brick wall of a man he dared to take on. 

The Mountain seems to relish this abuse, knocking Oliver around, and at one point lifting him high into the air by his neck, feet pointed skyward, in a stunning display of natural human strength and pro wrestling stamina and skill. The Mountain is an artist, and not just an artist of pain, but an artist of human lifts, throws, and drops. 

“All you fuckin’ body builders think they’re better than me...better than the Mountain! You ain’t shit!” 

So sit back, relax, and watch the massive masochist tear Alex Oliver apart one piece at a time until he’s sobbing and moaning in inconsolable agony...and all for your enjoyment.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 51 seconds

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