Alex Oliver vs. The Mountain (My Nuts, Bro)


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Poor pretty boy Alex Oliver is just minding his own business, doing pushups in a blindingly white singlet (like most guys on a Friday night, right?), when along comes a beast in black lycra ready to beat and batter this little prince from here to next week. 

When the Mountain quakes, everyone feels the rumbling. Oliver’s face is twisted in page, those gleaming teeth smiling through the pain of the most bone crushing bearhug imaginable. Abs are abused. Singlet is peeled away. Oliver is hoisted onto the Mountain’s massive shoulders...when suddenly, the big guy gets an idea. 

Those balls are ripe for the crushing, and Oliver’s in no shape to fight back. What follows is what might easily be described as our most barbaric ballbusting bout to date, complete with kicks, crushing stomping, and even finger flicking against the shaft and cock head. Oliver looks like he’s about to faint from the pain. Yes, when the Mountain shakes, you feel it!

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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