Austin Cooper vs. Calvin Rogers

Austin Cooper vs. Calvin Rogers

NHB Fights

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Austin Cooper (5'9", 190 lbs, Virginia)

Calvin Rogers (5'11", 180 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 33 seconds


Calvin Rogers has more than proven himself as a capable young grappler. He’s taken on massive muscle men like Scrappy and done all right. Austin Cooper feels like he could be a big brother to this skilled newcomer. 

The initial lockup sees Austin on all fours struggling against Calvin. Austin has to unplug and come around to catch Calvin in a surprise sleeper hold that Calvin is unable to break no matter how he stalls when it comes to tapping. Now Austin is fired up...even as he barely survives a sudden set malfunction. 

These guys go at it again with tremendous respect for one another, trying to secure arm bars without much success. At one point these guys get so tangled up, asses in the air, feet toward the camera, it’s difficult to tell who is who. No spoilers, but the last minute of this match is especially surprising and exciting.

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