Austin Cooper vs. Dimitri Darkthorn


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“Let’s go!” dares Dimitri. 

Austin Cooper has evolved into a bald, muscle bound badass. Cutie Dimitri has a sweet bod, but with his youthful voice and puppy-like attitude, he feels more like a little brother than a badass. Austin and Dimitri flexoff, but Austin’s not impressed. Pushing and shoving leads to an enraged Austin shoving the kid into the corner, where he proceeds to flail and flounder desperately. Austin lets Dimitri come at him, certain he’s got the punk kid already clobbered, but Dimitri manages to get in some brutal hits. 

It’s a surprising back and forth, as these dudes brawl in matching black boots and blue speedos that draw all the focus to their bouncing packages. Austin muscles a struggling Dimitri into a backbreaker that somehow manages to leave both dudes reeling on their backs. Dimitri crushes Austin’s windpipe with the heel of his boot while gripping the ropes and demanding to know who’s the bitch now. 

Austin punches the floor in a rage and hoists the kid off his feet, using the floor to teach Dimitri a lesson that leaves him cradling his balls. Austin’s superior thighs lock around Dimitri’s neck while Cooper puts the crank on Darkthorn’s arm. Dimitri manages to ensnare Austin’s foot in his own speedo, then grind his fist into his sides in a move that will make even the toughest man wince. Looks like this ain’t gonna be a squash job after all! You ain’t ready for the varying degrees of punishment these guys explore, including a brief but magnificent torture involving a thong...

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 52 seconds

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