Austin Cooper vs. Ethan Andrews (Split & Stretched)


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Cocky Austin Cooper is doing some heavy stretching. Slipping out of the shadows, Ethan Andrews wraps his long arms around the throat of his ambushed opponent. While Austin is passed out, Ethan begins his stretching routine over his lifeless body.

Ethan rips and pulls at Austin's legs. Finding new ways to painfully stretch all the while talking trash. Ethan hovers over the struggling opponent to humilate him even more. Several knockouts from Ethan show Austin who is in control of this match...until a sneaky ball shot changes the direction.

Austin takes over and attempts to break the down foe's legs apart like a wishbone. Ethan screams in agony. Austin wraps his impressive legs and arms around Ethan on multiple occasions allowing a great view of Ethan suffering.

A low blow changes the course of this bout once again. The verbal and physical assault from Ethan Axel Andrews intensifies. Austin is left limp in the ropes when Ethan finally decides he's had enough fun.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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