Austin Cooper vs. John Wolfboy

Austin Cooper vs. John Wolfboy

NHB Fights

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Austin Cooper (5'9", 190 lbs, Virginia)

John Wolfboy (5'7", 135 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Total Run-time: 18 minutes, 57 seconds


John Wolfboy has the long, lean body of a swimmer. As he presses the soles of his feet together for a butterfly stretch, you can’t help but marvel at his incredible muscular leanness. Slim as he may be, he’s nearly spilling out of his orange speedos. Compared to the beefier Austin Cooper — who swings his ape like arms and stretches his thigh muscles with deep exhalations — it feels like the taller, skinnier John ought to lose. 

Sure enough, Austin gains the first advantage, almost encompassing Wolfboy entirely in his powerful thighs. As Austin’s ankles lock together, he cranks John’s slender arms with a hint of sadistic brutality, forcing the slender grappler to tap with desperation. 

Highlights from this match include a partial spladle that has the victim protesting in agonized nonsense sounds, and a grapevine you can practically feel through the screen, as the victim groans in total agony.

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