Austin Cooper vs. Nick Justice (My Nuts, Bro)


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Dude, these guys could pass for brothers. From their cocky grins, meaty thighs, heavily muscled farm-boy frames, and the general feeling of fun and challenging familiarity between them - not to mention their impeccable rassling skills - it’s like watching two bros tear into each other at a particularly rowdy family reunion. 

Maybe that’s why the early on agreement of “no cheats, no cheap shots” has viewers rolling their eyes from the first lockup. Things quickly go south when Nick Justice manages to roll Austin Cooper around the ring like a ball. Barefoot Cooper responds by slipping behind and attacking Justice’s balls with a well placed forearm. Justice is balled over by this obvious infraction of the rules. 

Justice follows up with a surprise kick to the groin, still reeling from the stomach pain induced by Cooper’s first ball attack. Plunging his hand into his burgundy trunks to adjust his boys, Cooper uses the opportunity to drive a vicious elbow into the already damaged pain zone. The pure pleasure on these boy’s faces as they deliver one blow after another is inspiring, right up until the moment when sadistic Justice carries little bro Cooper over to a cold, metallic bike rack, which he forces him to straddle and ride...every squeak and squeal singing in agonizing harmony with Cooper’s new soprano voice. 

“World champ dick beater, baby,” Justice gloats, before forcing Cooper to ride the corner ring post. In addition to ball abuse, this match also features expertly delivered sleepers, hair pulling, backbreakers, reverse headlocks, face claws, and one hell of a high flying airplane spin. 

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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