Austin Cooper vs. Scrappy


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Two muscular men, disagreements over who is the better wrester and some tension regarding a girlfriend. Sounds like these muscle boys have a score to settle. Austin was a trainer for Scrappy early in his wrestling career. While Scrappy was gone, Austin took the opportunity to “train” Scrappy’s girlfriend. Suffice to say, Scrappy is NOT happy about this. The irony is there is a wrestling ring right behind them. Sometimes life just works out perfectly as a wrestling ring is the best place for two wrestlers to settle a score. Something else that worked out perfectly was the opportunity for Scrappy to nail Austin on the side of his head with a roundhouse kick. DAMN! He follows it up by shoving Austin’s head into the ring post. That’ll have you seeing stars!!! 

Scrappy is totally pissed off about Austin getting involved with his girl and Austin’s arrogance about it isn’t helping to calm the situation. Not only does Scrappy drag Austin across the ring and ram his nuts into the ring post, he slaps a figure-four on him as well. Austin has his nuts being crushed and is locked in a figure-four. Other than dropping some f-bombs, Austin isn’t having much success in this match. A DDT, a piledriver, a belly-to-back suplex and some well-placed kicks leave Austin in serious pain. Scrappy makes certain Austin’s nuts suffer as well. This is absolute domination and humiliation for Austin. 

Elite Eliot has been watching from the background and enters the ring in an attempt to rescue Austin. He tells Scrappy that’s he’s seen enough and to back off. Elite is showing some serious concern for Austin and keeps asking if he’s okay. Austin is complaining that his neck hurts and how Scrappy has abused him. He even says, “I may have fucked his girl, but he took a cheap shot at me!” Elite is holding Austin’s head as if he’s showing some compassion, but then looks at the camera with a devious grin. The next thing we know, Elite plants a serious kick into Austin’s already abused abs. Elite inflicts some serious abuse on Austin. Elite suggests that he and Scrappy pay a visit to Austin’s girlfriend and tag team her. To ensure Austin stays out of their way, Scrappy chokes him out, and at Elite’s suggestion, he gives a final piledriver to Austin. 

It is said that the things we regret in life are most often the things we haven’t done and not the things we have. This doesn’t appear to be the case with Austin. We are guessing Austin is regretting training Scrappy how to wrestle and is especially regretting having sex with Scrappy’s girlfriend. Austin’s girlfriend has a different situation. She has both Scrappy and Elite coming to visit her and give her a night she’ll never forget. Can you imagine having sex with both Scrappy and Elite at the same time? We are confident she won’t have any regrets about a night with Scrappy and Elite. We are equally confident that Austin won’t be able to satisfy her again after her night with these two gorgeous hunks of masculinity. It looks like Austin will be single and lonely again. On the positive side, he took so much abuse in this match that he won’t have the strength or ability to satisfy a woman again anytime soon. Maybe the next time one of his buddies is out of town, he will remember how badly he got his ass kicked in this match and won’t take advantage of his buddy’s girlfriend.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 28 seconds

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