Austin Cooper vs. Sgt. Stiff


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Sgt. Stiff is an evil son of a bitch. I don't think I've seen anyone take so much pleasure in punishing young, muscle men. 

Austin Cooper nervously enters the ring, but he knows he has a fair shot with his quickness and finesse. The Sarge isolates the ring very well causing Cooper to be trapped in the corner. Cooper's incredible abs are the first thing that Sgt. Stiff attacks before wrapping him up in a tight bearhug that lifts Austin way off the ground while writhing in pain. 

The Sarge blatantly disobeys the rules, even taunting Cooper while he breaks the rules.

Sgt. Stiff uses the classic pro wrestling holds that have been effective for over 50 years; bearhugs, full nelsons, camel clutches, eye gouges, vicious chokes and big side slams.

Austin begs for mercy as Sgt. Stiff lays him across his back in a brutal looking torture rack. 

One thing is for sure, The Sarge doesn't end any match until he's been satisfied.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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