Austin Cooper vs. Zach Reno (Guest Ref)


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Austin and Reno dance around each other, seeking that vital weakness in their opponent. Both men are fast on their feet, and full of challenging trash talk. Sexy Flash LaCash refs, watching in awe as Austin and Zach go hard. Reno finds himself crushed in Austin’s massive arms, then thrown against the ropes to enjoy a beating and a fierce foot in his neck.

Zach bounces back quick, catching Austin in a headlock that would have a lesser man tapping. Austin turns it around and practically presses Reno’s face into the floor, gaining a desperate tap. Hairy Reno is dragged and dropped, plowed and punished, foolishly refusing to tap as Austin puts the pain on again and again. These dudes go so hard, their faces become almost like artist's renderings of pain and suffering.

Soon they’re both in separate areas, crouched and almost crying in pain. Now the battle has a desperate nature to it, as two men who are obviously hurting go even harder. Dizzy, faint, and struggling to go on, both bros keep on locking it up and turning it out. Austin’s head feels the pressure of Reno’s thighs. Reno eats mat again and again. Even the man who comes out on top will be hurting tonight!

Runtime: 26 minutes, 38 seconds

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