Austin Tyler vs. Zach Reno (Outdoors)


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Blonde beauty, Austin Tyler and a short-haired Zach Reno have clearly been bickering all afternoon. Catching up to them in a bright, sunlit, grassy wood finds them close to the breaking point. Struggling to set up a pair of mats, they use every opportunity to insult one another, boots and speedos ready to use. 

Outdoor lighting does a lot for a body like Reno’s, but a hamstring stretch would help. Tyler begrudgingly helps Reno stretch, pushing too hard until both men naturally find themselves rolling around on the mats they just set up. Hand gags, face abuse, pelvic grinding, and other nasty moves make up this particularly mean-spirited bout. 

These guys work each over until they reach points of total exhaustion, yet they seem unable to stop connecting like magnets at war. Knees are dug into lower backs, and backs are arched and abused until Tyler finds himself admitting with what little breath he can draw from his compressed windpipe that literally everything hurts. 

“This sucks...stop!” he begs. It doesn’t stop, as fists fly, legs tangle in agonizing lockups, and two friends take their personal frustrations with one another to the very limit.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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