Barry Burke vs. Brad Barnes


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"Look at those. King Quads. Quad-zilla." proclaims Barry Burke as he taunts his opponent with his bulging biceps.

Across the ring flexes Brad Barnes, "The Jobber" as he is referred to be Burke. The bell rings and it's on. It's obvious who has the superior technical knowledge. He punishes the handsome submissive. Brad is bent over knees, ropes and more throughout his suffering.

Barnes grabs a headscissor briefly before Burke powerlifts him from sitting into a dominating over-the-knee backbreaker. Burke continues his attack on the spine including a powerful bodyslam. Sneaking in a bearhug here and there. He toys with Barnes. Dangling hope in front of him. Burke powers through any hold Barnes applies WHENEVER he wants. Bent, but not yet broken, Barnes must suffer through the brutality of the best known as Barry Burke.

He lays Brad over the ropes and smacks a chop across his chest. Barry is just entertaining himself with his greatness, allowing Brad to get a hold on and even let's him apply pressure. Burke can take it, especially from this greenhorn.

A torture rack bends Barnes past his breaking point. That isn't enough. Burke applies a Stretch Muffler Submission for salt to the wound. He walks away, but not before giving a great double bicep pose.

Is there anyone who suffers as well as Brad? Besides myself?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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