Barry Burke vs. Chase Sinn


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Two of the most knowledgeable technical wrestlers in the world meet in a small warehouse. Chase understands the importance of a good warm-up prior to an athletic contest. Doing his stretches and roll drill until being rudely interrupted by Barry Burke. The shit talk is back-and-forth between the two, both refusing to be out-shone by the other.

Barry is the obvious powerhouse and Chase knows he isn't going to match strength with the muscle god. However, this isn't going to be an easy task for Burke, either. Chase Sinn is fast, smart and confident (read: cocky).

The first lock-up goes to Burke, as he easily forces Sinn into the corner before lifting him onto the middle rope.

Action picks up on the second tie-up. Hammerlocks, headlocks and headscissors. During a scramble, Chase locks in the classic short-arm scissor.

Let's Just Wrestle is loaded with great wrestling action. Both men give and take during the 20 minutes of this match, while showcasing their skill set. Holds, counter-holds and, even, blocked hold attempts. These two put on a clinic.

Chase doesn't let his height nor weight become too much of a weakness. Barry doesn't let his size slow him down. A knee injury stops the match, but not without there being a decisive winner. I think both men will definitely want a re-match down the road.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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