Barry Burke vs. Ethan Andrews (Forced To Flex)


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The animosity is there from the start between the 260+ pound muscle-God, Barry Burke, and the underground legend, Ethan Axel Andrews. Barry shows up wearing a black t-shirt that reads "FREE BEAR HUGS" that he claims to have gotten as a gift from his mother. Ethan thinks it's humorous that Barry would wear something so outrageous against someone so skilled: himself. Barry rips off the shirt ala Hulk Hogan and the action immediately starts.

A grappling session that has the big man and the little man going back and forth in guard, headlocks and head scissors. Very equal and very exciting. Ethan knows he can't last in close combat with a fresh Barry Burke, so he does what he has to. He digs his elbow into his opponents nuts. Barry writhes in pain.

The match continues with Ethan getting the better of the big man. He even begins to force the muscle stud to flex in order to be released from the torturous holds. The domination and forced flexing continue. Ethan is loving this big built jobber.

"I'm tired of flexing for you," is all Barry says before driving Ethan into and through the corner pads. He isn't going to take anymore. It doesn't take much for him to finish Ethan, but he is going to enjoy it. As he prepares to put the final act on his opponent, Barry jokingly flexes, possibly one of his best poses, ever.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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