Barry Burke vs. Lane Hartley & Kelly King


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The alpha-male of my roster is obviously Barry Burke. The dude is always slamming weights around in the gym all while flying around the world for appearances, performances and competitions. Always a spectacle. 

Lately, I've felt like I needed to give Burke more of a challenge. He's massive and agile. A rare combination that I've seen Dick Rick possess as well. Anyway, I know two pro wrestling stud roommates, who would find much joy in working over Barry Burke. So I made it happen.

All three men are full of ego. The best friends use the power of two-on-one to take advantage of the bodybuilder. Double-team efforts keep the big man at their mercy. Battling Barry is a big challenge and any mistake will be costly. Barry gets a few of his own licks in against the heavyweight tag team of Lane and Kelly. Powerful, controlling and highly damaging holds and moves by Burke show why he is the alpha-male.

However, Lane and Kelly are crafty pro wrestling veterans at this point, complete with dirty tricks to gain control back from the powerhouse. Burke is worked over and worn down until he finally fades into dreamland...but that's not enough for the duo.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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