Barry Burke vs. Lon DuMont & KARN


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Barry had just returned to our shoot from an hour-long gym session at a local gym. In fact, he actually wore his wrestling attire under his gym shorts. I know I certainly feel better after I go to the gym, so I imagine Barry enjoys it just as much...if not, much more. He knows he's got a match, but, as always, he's blissfully arrogant about what I had planned while he was away.

Enter Lon DuMont. The endless vocabulary in his repertoire is above Barry's pay-grade. Barry likes lifting things....and putting them down. Repeatedly. The typical jock/bodybuilder. Back to my surprise. I have linked two great wrestling forces: Lon DuMont & KARN. Let's call it "Mind and Matter."

With Lon at the helm and a lean, strong stud like KARN as his counterpart, they are confident (as am I) that they will be successful against the 260 pound beefcake.

At first, it looks like Burke is going to man-handle BOTH men. Lon wasn't born last night. He's a borderline genius. After a few calculated risks from the duo, the plan begins to take shape. They tie the big man in the ropes, preventing him from utilizing his massive upper body on his two opponents.

Like a well-oiled machine, KARN and DuMont work fluidly as a team. When one needs a quick rest, the other takes over offers a fresh reserve of energy to unleash on the muscled jobber. Double-team holds attack Burke from multiple angles.

Nut shots,  sleeper holds, ball claws and ab claws dig deep into the flesh of the bodybuilding pro wrestler.

Some great double-trouble holds, including one of my new favorites: Full Nelson/Kiss of Death tag team combination. Burke's big muscles offer little help in this situation. Just like I planned.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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