Big Sexy vs. Austin Cooper vs. Lane Hartley


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You might say this is part three of an epic trilogy.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Bearded Big Sexy, arrogant Austin Cooper, and lame Lane Hartley think they’re real cute talking about how they beat and betrayed yours truly in the ring. And so what if they did? I was betrayed, triple-teamed, and tormented. Just listening to this trio brag about which one of them hurt me the worst makes my blood boil, but it’s about to get sweet. I know something they don’t know: when three betrayers join forces, it almost always turns into a brawl. Big Sexy suggests they settle their disagreement over who beat me the best by engaging in a three-way strip challenge.

Fast Forward to the ring, where the cute couple Cooper and Hartley refuse to lockup first, leaving Big Sexy and Hartley to brawl in singlets and shorts The big bruisers bearhug and batter each other, crushing abs and tagging Cooper in. Knees in guts, body-slams, and camel clutches...Cooper is choked by his own singlet straps!

These brawling bros fight it out in different singlets and speedos, showing off brutal moves and hot, sweaty bodies. But which of my betrayers will get the final punishment?

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 38 seconds

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