Blake Starr vs. Austin Cooper


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Muscles, attitude and LOTS of testosterone. Blake seems to think that Austin wasn’t going to show for the match. Silly Blake. Austin always shows. Within a minute, Blake sees just why Austin always shows up for his matches. Both of these muscle boys are in white t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers. We have a feeling they won’t stay dressed like that for very long. Even fully dressed, it’s evident Austin’s been putting some serious time in the gym. His pythons are bigger than ever and his thighs, although as white as his t-shirt, could be mistaken for tree trunks. Blake grabs at Austin’s t-shirt in an attempt to escape. There’s a faint sound of the fabric tearing, but it appears he has stretched it more than anything. Austin has Blake’s t-shirt torn off completely and around Blake’s neck in a matter of seconds. Blake would be well advised to be careful what he attempts to do against Austin. As the saying goes, payback’s a bitch. 

The upside to the torn shirts is that we get to see these muscle hunks shirtless. Blake quickly has his shorts pulled off by Austin, revealing a very tiny pair of bright red trunks. Austin tries to be nice and is willing to let Blake go if he will just submit. Unfortunately for Blake, he uses the same lack of judgement he used when Ricky Vegas kicked his ass after the office Holiday Party. At least then he was drunk. What’s his excuse now? To be fair, this isn’t a total squash job. Blake does get in a hold or two, a punch or two . . . you get the picture. But anything he gives, Austin gives back 10 times worse. We thought Ricky Vegas kicked his ass after the Holiday Party just because he was too drunk to wrestle. Now we aren’t sure he’s wrestling skills are any better when he’s sober. 

Austin uses this match to prove once again that he is all man. Blake gives it his best, but he’s no match for Awesome Austin. Blake is overmatched from the beginning that’s painfully obvious. Perhaps most painfully for Blake.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 7 seconds

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