Blake Starr vs. Brandon Byers (Junkyard Dogs)


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There’s nothing like an outdoor match to bring out the primal side of an aggressive man, especially when a fight breaks out midway through a day of exhausting physical labor. Blake Starr’s no stranger to hard work. He even enjoys it, as long as his asshole boss isn’t around. Enter Brandon Byers, his dick boss...who happens to run a junkyard while wearing a black speedo, boots, knee pads, and arm bands. 

The big boss ain’t pleased with Blake’s daily work, and he makes it clear by ripping off his employee’s shirt and using it as a choking device. Good thing there’s a mat around, as Boss Byers pulls Blake’s hair and yanks him into a tight scissor that almost breaks Blake’s ribs. The bucolic sound of birds singing in the air only adds an element of beauty to this brutal beating, as Boss Byers proceeds to smother Blake’s face with his balls, then pull him into a gorgeous sleeper. 

Blake, on his knees, punches and swings backward, only to catch Byers’ knee in his chest and hand around his throat while the big boss strips him of his shorts while Boston crabbing him like a champion. Blake is hoisted, thrown, facesat, kicked, ball busted, and beaten by the big boss, and ordered to get back to work...if he can stand. 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 4 seconds

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