Blake Starr vs. Christian Satinall (Oil Wrestling)


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You’ve seen lean, cut cutie Blake Starr cover himself in oil, only to be ripped apart by his competitors. He’s been tossed around, humiliated, and basically treated like a bit piece of trash on these mats. Maybe that’s why he sets his sights on poor, little Christian. This green and lavender-haired lad just wants to stretch out on the leather sofa in his yellow jockey shorts and read a good book. Bare feet rubbing together contentedly, he finds himself being dragged off the sofa by the stronger Blake. If you think this Christian is planning to fight back, you’ve got another thing coming. As if he’s been through this a dozen times today already, he grits his teeth, groans in pain, and gasps for release at the hands of a smiling Starr. 

Legs are wrenched nearly out of socket, faces are buried in asses, and every inch of Christian’s slim, flexible body is pressed, squeezed, slapped, strained, and forced into some agonizing hold. A lengthy stretch session leaves both men rocking on the mats, crotch-to-crotch, as Starr exercises his budding dominance over his weaker prey. 

Soon Blake uses Christian’s own rope-like arm to choke him, leaving him open to repeated soggy slaps, strikes, and nipple twisting. Starr engages in a personal workout session on top of Christian’s sobbing body, planting his bare feet in the broken lad’s face and ordering him to worship his muscles with oil and total reverence!

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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