Blake Starr vs. Dashing Dustin (Oil Wrestling)


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Blake Starr is sexy as hell in his very tiny red trunks. His body is tanned and toned and makes us wish we were going to be wrestling him in oil. Sadly, we are stuck in the office writing up match descriptions. The boss is mean that way, but we digress. Dashing Dustin, looking as dashing as ever, is the lucky one wrestling Blake in this match. He’s tight and toned, looking as cute as ever in his royal blue trunks. Uh oh, apparently Dashing Dustin has been trash-talking Blake behind his back and word has gotten back to him. Blake confronts our cute boy and tells him he’s sick of it and sick of him. Dashing Dustin comes back with, “Do something about it.” With two tough guys wearing fully packed trunks and both having an attitude, we’re betting this won’t be just fun slipping around in the oil. Hold on to your seats, boys. It looks like it’s going to be thrill ride. 

Flexing and trash talk lead to the oiling of the muscles. If you think Blake looks sexy in his bright red trunks, wait until you see him covered in oil. Dashing Dustin isn’t hard on the eyes himself. That said, he suffers at the hands of the stronger and more experienced Blake Starr. Blake dishes out plenty of verbal abuse to go with the physical. Dustin is forced to do push-ups while Blake has him in a scissors hold. Dustin gets twisted, pulled, squeezed, and even spanked as Blake teaches him a lesson or two. Blake goes for a final submission which looks like he will break both of Dustin’s shoulders. Dustin is a promising wrestler but is overmatched against Blake. We believe Dustin’s trash talk about Blake has come to an end after this embarrassing loss. As Blake struts across the mats, he gives a final insult to Dustin by saying, “Don’t forget to mop up the mats.” That’s cold. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 48 seconds

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