Blake Starr vs. DK


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There’s no time to waste as this video opens with Blake Starr in full on suffer, at the mercy of the tree trunk thighs and head scissors of newcomer DK. Starr is a long-time reliable jobber and fan favorite who never disappoints muscle fans. He’s always impossibly ripped and ready for the pain that’s coming his way. And delivering that pain is tatted up, muscle beast, DK. DK has got the handsome, bulky brawn over Starr’s pretty, vascular lean frame, and he’s going to use that brawn to full advantage. 

DK grunts, “You like that?” And Starr groans out a “Fuck you!” that shortly turns into a “Let me go!” But DK is relentless, and those meaty things grip Starr’s head tighter and tighter, his face mashed up in exquisite torment. Indeed, “Let me go,” might as well be the theme of this non-stop pain-fest. DK has total control, switching from the leg scissors to an inverted headlock, Starr’s legs splayed open, his six pack alternately clenched and stretched as DK bounces him helplessly on the mat. DK is so dominant that while he has Starr wrapped up in a side torso scissors, he takes the time for a double bicep flex pose, while you wonder if the veins in Starr’s neck are going to pop as he strains for freedom. 

DK clearly knows how to toy with his prey. In the first of several punishing bear hugs, he takes the breath out of Starr, but he’s not ready to take it home yet. Even when Starr taps out and cries “Uncle!” DK only gives him a few moments to catch his breath before rolling him on his stomach and squatting into a painful neck extension. From there it’s a series of choke holds, nelsons, bear hugs, headlocks, extensions, and scissors – the sweat glistening off those over-extended muscles. At one point Starr is hanging limp on the ropes, gasping “No more… no more…” Do you think DK listens? Of course not! No rest for the wicked! DK rewards him by squeezing Starr’s face right into his armpit and reminding him that he’s not wearing deodorant. 

This match won’t be over until DK says it’s over, and Starr has suffered long and hard. But at least he suffers beautifully. When Starr finally is let go, he’s bowing to the new master of the ring, DK the punisher. 

Run-time: 21 minutes, 46 seconds

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