Blake Starr vs. Drew Harper

Blake Starr vs. Drew Harper

NHB Fights

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Blake Starr (5'11", 164 lbs, Florida)
Drew Harper (6'1", 215 lbs, Texas)

It’s always fun to see two dudes with very different body types fight it out. That’s the exciting thing about a no holds barred match, there are many variables and uncertainties to consider. In many ways, intelligence is every bit as important as strength or speed. Lean, occasionally temperamental Blake Starr faces off against beefy, cool Drew Harper, and from the moment their bodies connect it’s a rough scrap. Both men are instantly red in the face and gasping as they strain for the first advantage, rolling all over each other in a wild struggle. 

Drew gains the first tap by abusing Blake’s leg flexibility, only to find his head pressed hard between Blake’s thighs in the next moment, while having his arm wrenched hard. Two taps in only two minutes. The scores on this one could get high if these guys keep fighting fast and lose like this! Watching their straining, furious faces as they inflict painful holds on one another is like watching an aggressive poem come to life. Drew tosses Blake around the mats, Drew arches his back and taps over and over, desperate to be set free from Drew’s crushing thighs. 

Drew even invites an exhausted Blake to come at him from a top position, which Drew somehow manages to transform into a throat crushing hold. Blake is rolled over and over again, legs and feet flailing, until he somehow manages to mount Drew and press his knee into his neck! Scores are high this time around, sweat is earned, and both men stagger away looking completely spent!  

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 25 seconds

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