Blake Starr vs. Gabe Steele (Pro)


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Beefy, beautiful Gabe Steele plows into long and lean Blake Starr. Gabe’s glossy, golden skin shimmers against Blake’s pale, hairy body. Bright yellow and blue gear grind together in a sweaty exchange of power between two very different physiques.

Smiling Gabe gets the upper hand first, burying Blake’s handsome face deep in his manly armpit, then working him slowly into a Boston crab that has poor Blake groaning like a true victim. Gabe’s ass briefly grinds against Blake’s, revealing a shot of Gabe’s powerful calf muscles. Soon Gabe’s got both black booted feet going hard against Blake’s balls, leaving the slender sub suffering like a saint.

“Where you goin’?” laughs Gabe, as sexy Starr tries to pull away. Gabe - with sweat streaming down his smooth chest - arches Blake in such a way the camera captures every detail in the slim stud’s lean torso. Gabe, for his part, just enjoys squeezing those balls. It’s a ball slapping, crotch kneeing, wedgie inducing humiliation session that you can practically feel right through the screen!

Runtime: 22 minutes, 23 seconds

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