Blake Starr vs. Gabe Steele (W4H Max)


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Starr vs. Steel. Meat vs. Sinew. Man vs. Boy.

Steel wastes no time fulfilling his life’s purpose...heeling the hell out of prettyboy jobbers. Starr chokes, gags, screams, and begs for freedom more times than Steel can keep track of, his flawless pecs, abs, biceps, and armpits ripped apart, his manmeat seen in stark, high definition through his flimsy, white trunks.

Steel, on the other hand, is a beast, all sweat and smooth skin, and rumbling trash talk. Armed with humiliating moves...most of which involve burying the lone wolf’s pretty face deep in his sweaty armpits. Sexy Starr eats a full serving of Steel’s sweaty armpit as he suffers in a brutal back-breaker that leaves him sprawling in sorrow and pain. Steel twists Starr like a pretzel, pounds his abs, pulls his around by his hair, and digs his boots deep into his balls while ripping his backwards by his rope-like arms and hair.

Starr is left even more exposed in a sexy red g-string, his neck crushed by bitter hands, his abs clamped by superior thighs, until Steel pulls down his own trunks and forces the pretty boy’s face deep into his sweaty ass crack. Gabe Steel’s running his own humiliation station...and it’s only going to get darker, nastier, and sexier from here...

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 14 seconds

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