Blake Starr vs. Guido Genatto


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Guido Genatto clearly thinks should be an exclusive space. So imagine the cocky heel’s attitude when lean and sexy Blake Starr shows up wearing a shirt. Genatto snaps, determined to wipe that smile off of Starr’s pretty face, or at least rip that shirt off his sexy chest. 

Within seconds, Starr’s fancy new shirt is ripped to shreds, exposing his flawlessly lean, muscular chest...which only seems to infuriate Genatto further. Genatto locks up Starr’s neck in a hot figure four, giving him ample opportunity to tantalize the newbie with that classic Genatto trash talk. But Starr gives as good as he gets with the trash talk, and takes as much as he gives in the pain department. With his face turning crimson from the pressure of Genatto’s clenched leg muscles around his neck, Starr manages to gag and grunt out threats and excuses. 

Genatto puts the shredded up shirt to good use, dragging Star across the mat by the neck with it. A nearly unconscious Starr works up the strength and nerve to raise his middle finger. 

“Sit on this!” he grunts, through gritted teeth. 

That’s it. Genatto pulls of his own shirt, revealing that meaty, muscular, big and brutal body that had destroyed one pretty dude after another. Rolling his hairy torso over Starr’s smooth back, Genatto twists Starr’s arm like a piece of string. 

“How does that fuckin’ feel?” Genatto demands. 

“If I could fuckin’ breathe I’d tell you, mutthafucker!” Starr manages to spit out, before feeling both arms wrenched behind his back with Genatto’s locked feet behind his head. Damn...that looks like it hurts. 

A glorious match for lovers of pain and punishment. Not so good for the shirts. Ease up on the merchandise, boys!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 25 seconds

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