Blake Starr vs. Jacob Van Acker vs. Miss Gia Love


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Blake Starr and Jacob Van Acker have both spent a lot of time face-kissing the mat. Known for their cover boy looks and tight muscles, they have been dominated in the ring. But this time they are paired up in a wrestle-off to get some private time with the luscious and curvacious Miss Gia Love. The horny fueled testosterone is going to be pumping! 

What Miss Gia wants, Miss Gia gets, and she’s not satisfied with the two boys flexing and posing as she caresses their hot bodies. She wants to see who’s got the balls to win her prize, proclaiming “Strongest guy gets the girl! 

Van Acker is a rookie and Starr is practically a professional jobber, but maybe having their masculine egos on the line will get one of them to rise to the top. As Miss Gia watches from the corner, Van Acker tries to take the early lead, tossing Starr to the mat, on to the ropes, and into the corners, locking him up each time. But (for once) Starr isn’t going down easy. With a burst of strength, he pins Van Acker to the mat, sits on his chest and goes to town twisting Van Acker’s nipples. Starr puts an extra bit of strength 

into it, so that his veins bulge from his muscles to show Miss Gia who has the goods. Transitioning into a body scissor lock up from behind, he stretches Van Acker out, crotch pointed directly at Miss Gia, who is definitely enjoying the show as Van Acker writhes in pain. 

Miss Gia is known for her fetishes, so she eggs Starr on while he wedgies Van Acker with his trunks, crushing those balls. As Starr gets Van Acker fully extended, Van Acker tries to save face, exclaiming, “This isn’t what it looks like, baby!” Sorry, Jacob, but it really is what it looks like. Each time you think Van Acker might turn the tables, Starr’s experience wins out. And he’s especially enjoying twisting Van Acker’s nipples and punishing those balls as part of his performance for the attention of the girl. 

Now that Van Acker is winded, it’s short work for Starr to move from a Boston Crab into a Camel Clutch, and then a reverse Surfboard. Sweat trickles down Van Acker’s muscled pecs as he groans and moans from the relentless assault. Amazingly, he rallies after some truly embarrassing moments in front of Miss Gia, and with a solid, pain-inducing arm bar and leg choke, Van Acker thinks he can sleeper his way to the prize. But wait! Miss Gia has a surprise, and she stuns Van Acker with a low blow, followed by a demonstration of how she knows a thing or two about wrestling herself. Time for some truly emasculating humility! She puts Van Acker down in short order and decides she wants to show Starr who’s boss, too. And she’s not afraid to grab and crush a crotch or two. 

Run-time: 25 minutes, 13 seconds

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