Blake Starr vs. Marco Thunder (Rookie Wrecker)


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It's always interesting when a fresh face shows up. Blake is a long-time friend of Nick Sparx and on one Friday afternoon he showed up to a warehouse a few miles from my apartment. He had a very warm smile when he arrived, but you could easily tell that he was nervous about what he was getting himself into. 

Marco Thunder is always ready for action and stepped up to the plate to "introduce" Blake to the wrestling scene. Immediately, Marco was disrespectful to the 165 pound rookie. Calling him every now except his actual name while carrying him around like a baby in his massive arms. Like a frat boy initiating a new recruit to the club, Marco forces Blake around the mat room. 

Blake is wiry, ambitious and eager. His lack of skill and size seem to be his only downfall. Marco continues to have his way with the green grappler. Carrying the much smaller wrestler over his shoulders, throwing him around the mat and stretching him to his limits. 

Marco loves toying with his opponent. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Marco smile this much during a match...and the non-stop trash talk is a huge turn-on as you watch the helpless rookie suffer.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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