Blake Starr vs. Mason Broder (Re-match)


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If you fly over 6,000 miles to live out your pro wrestling fantasies, you want more than one go at it, so the boss gave Spaniard Mason Broder one more chance with Blake Starr.  Blake basically dominated Mason in their first match, so perhaps Mason enjoyed it?  We don’t have enough superlatives to describe Blake’s muscles, and his skimpy trunks make the most of that fine frame.  The guy’s obliques could be used for an anatomy class.  It helps that he’s handsome, too.  Not that Mason is a disappointment.  He’s got a firm body, and his flexes prove he hits the gym pretty hard.  

Their first match showed that Mason is slippery and quick, likes to call everyone “puta,” and that he’s got a thing for mashing a guy’s face into the pouch of his speedo.  But Blake simply has more skill, more strength, and more of an aversion to sniffing European crotch.   Blake wastes no time in showing Mason that nothing has changed, and quickly locks him up in a full nelson, followed by a few low blows, arm locks and a face down surfboard.  

But this is not a squash job.  Mason is still quick and still has stamina.  He manages a few reversals that leave Blake stretched and winded.  His time on top is just always limited by physiology.  Blake is just bigger and stronger.  A Boston Crab with a slow ball twist should make the point. As we said for their first match, pain translates into any language, and Mason is getting a lesson.

Run Time: 21 minutes, 45 seconds

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