Blake Starr vs. Miss Gia Love (Mixed Wrestling)


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It seems that each year in high school there were at least a couple of girls who wanted to join the wrestling team. You remember who they were. They were the big, chunky, ugly girls who generally needed a moustache comb. They were the ones without dates on Saturday night. The ones who could flip over someone’s car if they got mad. Let’s face it, they were big, butch and ugly. In comes Miss Gia Love to wrestle Blake Starr. She has purple streaks in her gorgeous hair, matching eye shadow, pretty lipstick, a bellybutton ring, and a sexy tattoo on her lower back. She’s totally opposite of the girls on the high school wrestling team. Miss Gia Love is showing off all her assets as well in her black string bikini. 

It certainly appears as if Blake is in for an easy match. A pretty lady like Miss Gia Love can’t be tough enough to wrestle. Or can she? Blake is lean, but muscular and likes to show off his three-day scruff, hairy chest and nice package, barely covered by his tiny gold and black snakeskin trunks. He’s trying to redeem himself after getting drunk off his ass as the office Christmas party, then getting his ass kicked by the handsome and muscular Ricky Vegas. Blake has to prove to the boss he is worthy of being a wrestler at W4H and a loss to a woman is not the way to do that. 

There’s lots of back-and-forth in this match. Both Blake and Miss Gia know how to wrestle and neither wants to lose. Miss Gia is out to prove she’s as strong as any man. Blake doesn’t want to lose to a girl, and is trying to redeem himself. Who can blame him? Imagine the shame he would feel around the other W4H wrestlers if he were to lose this match. He’s already gotten totally wasted, then got his ass handed to him by an elf. Losing to a woman would cause Blake to be harassed by everyone at W4H, even the twinks and jobbers. That would be humiliating. 

We see face-sitting, titties-in-the-face, crotch-grabbing, and most every other dirty tactic used in wrestling. One of these two is more dominated by the other, but we aren’t saying which is which. In the end, one of the wrestlers is put into a figure-four head scissors. Even though that wrestler taps out repeatedly, the other refuses to release the hold until one is out cold. Who is the victor? There’s one way to find out.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 22 seconds

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