Blake Starr vs. Nick Justice


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Ruh-roh – did someone say “Minions”? Nick Justice is on the prowl for all the boys who have escaped his dungeon, and perfect-bodied Blake Starr is cornered.  Justice makes it clear that he is going to make Blake suffer to within an inch of his life, and then promises “it will be really fair.”  Yeah, right.  Justice doesn’t know the meaning of the word, and his outstretched hand is nothing more than a pathway to hell.    

Justice only has one setting: evil, trash talking domination, and those who appreciate his skills are in for a treat.  And that pleasure is only amplified by the fact that Blake’s body provides the perfect canvas for this sadistic artist.  He ripples everywhere as Justice scissors, chinlocks, and chokes Blake.  Long-time fans know that Justice is deranged, and as he twists one of Blake’s nipples, he twists one of his own, too.  It’s like he has (at least) two competing personalities, one a sadist, and one a masochist.  But both personalities dominate and brutalize their minions, “because no one can bring the pain that I bring myself!”  Escape is ultimately futile.  A mid-match sleeper with Blake’s legs spread wide and pretty skimpy trunks makes it obvious why anyone would want Blake in their dungeon.  For a good, long time.  The rear view during a set up for a DDT is equally mesmerizing, since those trunks have ridden way up into those perfect mounds.

Blake pleads to give up, but there is no way that’s happening until Justice is fully satisfied that his minion has learned its lesson.  And that will require repeated sleepers until the vanquish is certain.

Run Time: 21 minutes, 47 seconds

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