Blake Starr vs. Scrappy (Thongs)


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Blake has really been hitting the gym and the improvements to his muscle size and tone are quite noticeable with a defined chest, six-pack abs, and veins in his arms. He’s no longer someone we would call a twink. He may not be out of the jobber category yet, but anything is possible here at W4H. He’s up against young and muscular (and VERY sexy!) Scrappy in this match. They start posing in trunks, Scrappy in bright blue and Blake in black. They quickly strip down to thongs with Blake in bright blue and Scrappy in yellow. Scrappy easily has 20 pounds of muscle on Blake. Blake appears to have been hitting the tanning bed, while Scrappy has a much more milky white complexion. Ironically, that looks seems to work quite well for Scrappy. 

Blake starts out in his usual jobber role, losing the flex-off and immediately being controlled by Scrappy in hold after hold, after hold, after hold, well, you get the picture. Scrappy says he could use a challenge and that’s what was needed for Blake to start taking control of the match. Scrappy manages to escape with a well-placed elbow to Blakes nuts. An over-the-knee backbreaker leaves almost nothing to the imagination when it comes to Blake’s package. Once again, we see some firmness in there which indicates he’s enjoying his punishment. Blake takes control again, but it is short-lived. Scrappy literally presses Blake over his head, then just toys with him while he suffers on Scrappy’s shoulders. 

The last few minutes has control going between Scrappy and Blake repeatedly. Both are showing signs of exhaustion, yet, neither is willing to concede the match. Some of the holds are sheer torture. The ending has a submission screamed out, but not content with that, the winner puts the loser out with a sleeper. We haven’t seen a match go back-and-forth like this one in quite a while. As much as we’d love to place a check in the “win” column for both wrestlers, there can only be one winner. Unfortunately, one of these sexy studs is left on the mat as the winner flexes over him. Does jobber experience and some new found muscle win out over big and buff or does all that muscle dominate a well-known jobber? 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 26 seconds

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