Blake Starr vs. Xander


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Blake has been getting his ass handed to him on a platter here at W4H. It seems like most everyone he wrestles kicks his ass and his match against Xander doesn’t appear as if it is going to break the cycle. Not only is Xander taller, stronger, and a better wrestler, but Blake steps into the ring wearing Xander’s wrestling jacket. Seriously? Was he so drunk at the W4H Holiday Party in December that he got brain damage from all the alcohol he consumed? Has he received too many piledrivers or DDTs lately? We don’t know. Maybe he’s just not the brightest bulb we’ve ever seen. Regardless, he’s asking for some serious punishment in this match. Somehow, we believe Xander will give it to him. 

It’s pure mayhem for Blake. Xander tosses him around the ring like he’s a toy. Blake is gasping for air and Xander appears as if he isn’t even warmed up yet. As Blake is sitting in the corner, Xander decides to really torment him and puts his ass in Blake’s face and shakes it around. After more punishment, Blake grabs the jacket as if he’s willing to give it back. Xander holds his arms out and tells Blake to put it on him. Blake starts to do it, but then quickly grabs at Xander. Much like everything else he’s tried so far in this match, it fails miserably, and he is once again at the mercy of Xander. 

Blake has proven once again that his wrestling skills need some serious improvement. Of course, he may enjoy being beaten up every time he wrestles. We are going to talk to Cam and see if he will try to get Johnny Jobber to give Blake some wrestling lessons. He sure needs them.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 12 seconds

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