Brad Barnes & Austin Cooper vs. Ethan Andrews (Bully Revenge)


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This started off a s a custom request, but I knew I'd have to show you as soon as it was filmed.

Austin Cooper and his friend, Brad Barnes are hitting the heavy bag working on some coordination and cardio, when Ethan Axel Andrews strolls in. Ethan doesn't take long before running his mouth about how much of a loser Brad was in high school.

"He couldn't get laid," exclaims the classmate. As Ethan continues to bully, as he did throughout their school years, it seems Brad is allowing the bully to get to him. Austin sees this and rips Ethan into the ring. He encourages them to get revenge against the constant heckler from high school. Each of them  take turns delivering painful retaliation on the much smaller antagonist.

Brad has put on a lot of "good weight" in the form of muscle since his high school days. Certainly, he has gotten laid lots since then, as well.

Ethan is shown no mercy from the duo. Bending and bashing in an attempt to teach the bully a hard-learned lesson.  A knockout tombstone is delivered. Punishment isn't enough. They begin snapping photos and posting them on social media. Various poses with Ethan at the hand of the tag team.

Laughing and having a great time, while getting long-waiting retribution.

Ethan is left tied up and humility as Austin and Brad take one final photo to document the shame.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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