Brad Barnes vs. Guido Genatto (Forced To Flex)


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There are a lot of similarities between these two wrestlers. Both are large men, very strong, extremely dominant, enjoy showing off, have lots of wrestling expertise, and revel is making their opponents suffer. These two men have reputations for being brutal and merciless, destroying most anyone foolish enough to step in the ring with them. Brad is tall, has rippling muscles, gorgeous smooth skin, and a demeanor which strikes fear in those around him. Guido is your typical NYC Italian Alpha Male. He’s strong as an ox with muscles on muscles, has sumptuous olive skin covered in thick hair, deep & dark eyes, an ability to fill out a pair of wrestling trunks like few others can, and most importantly, a nasty attitude and disposition, and a complete disregard for the health and well-being of his opponents. What could happen if these two brutal beasts step into the ring to face each other? Damn near anything. 

Brad shows up in his (very) tiny powder blue and white trunks, looking as stunning as ever. We often wonder how someone so sexy and with such a pretty smile can be so brutal in the ring. Brad loves to flex his massive muscles and puts on quite a show before Guido arrives. Guido shocks us with his ring entrance. He comes in smiling and friendly, even complimenting Brad. We are as perplexed as you about this strange behavior. Guido is wearing an incredibly sexy black singlet with soft yellow striping. It’s stuck to his manly body like glue, leaving nothing to the imagination, including Guido’s massive Italian sausage. That said, maybe Brad and Guido have a mutual respect for each other’s wrestling ability and are looking forward to a friendly wrestling match. HA! Back to the real world. We know something is up, we just don’t know what, nor by whom. Time will tell as we know there will be some serious bumps and bruises by the end of this match. 

It’s not long before the niceties quickly end. Brad says this is his time and he doesn’t flex for jobbers. Guido is a jobber? Hmm, if that’s true, why are we so afraid of him? Regardless, we quickly hear the f’bombs coming from both men. Both men have been known to flex over their hapless opponent as they continually inflict more pain and punishment. Although this is not completely one-sided, one controls the other for the overwhelming majority of the match. The one being dominated is forced to flex repeatedly. Both use some cheap shots and dirty tactics, which comes as no surprise to anyone, but in the end, the one forced to flex repeatedly. There’s little doubt that all the wrestlers at W4H will be talking about the loser of this match for some time to come. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes. 55 seconds

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