Brad Barnes vs. Johnny Jobber


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Rarely in pro wrestling is a sleeper the first hold applied, but it is in this match. Sexy Brad is cleaning the ring when Mr. Banker Johnny Jobber comes in, wearing a suit coat that could wrap around him two or three times. He tells Brad he’s over 30 days late on his payments to the bank. Brad tells him he’s spoken to Tonya and she said he could pay in a few days. Johnny says Tonya sent him down to collect and he’s not leaving until he gets his money. Brad pours some cleaning solution on a cloth, then covers Johnny’s mouth and nose with it, leaving him passed out. He then unbuttons Johnny’s shirt and strips him down to his underwear and old man over-the-calf dark socks. Johnny is put into a sadistic camel clutch. Brad then strips the white shirt off of him – Johnny is so pasty white that it’s hard to tell where he ends and the shirt begins – then Brad puts him in an even more sadistic camel clutch, choking him with the shirt and continues to apply it until Johnny agrees to make the payments for Brad. It looks like the jobber banker is in for a rough day. Could it get any worse for him? Oh hell yes! 

Brad has him begging for mercy in a Boston Crab. Johnny screams out that he’s just a banker. Based on his track record at W4H, we know he’s not much of a wrestler. Brad goes through Johnny’s pants and pulls out his cell phone. He takes some selfies of him with Johnny in various holds. He notices Johnny has a text from Max Quivers, whom Johnny identifies as the President of the bank. After receiving the selfies of Brad torturing Johnny, Max calls and talks to Brad. Brad explains Johnny’s lack of professionalism and that he’s stripped down in his ring. Max decides to come down himself. It isn’t long before Johnny agrees to pay three months, then six months, a year, and finally, 18 months. Brad uses to rag to put him to sleep again, then hogties him with his ugly tie. Enter Bank President Max Quivers. A brief conversation later, Johnny is fired! 

As we said, things can definitely get worse for Johnny. Max Quivers agrees to forgive Brad’s loan, but only if Brad will leave Johnny hogtied and carry to the trunk of Max’s car. This can’t be good for Johnny. Brad kicked his ass in the ring, he gets fired from his job, then Max wants him tied up and in the trunk of his car. We’re glad we didn’t see what happened next. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 57 seconds

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