Brad Barnes vs. Max Quivers


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Brutal Brad Barnes. He recently destroyed Johnny Jobber when Johnny tried to collect some past due payments from Brad for the bank. Johnny was beaten within an inch of his life, stripped down to his little white panties, and totally humiliated. The upside is that this is nothing new for Mr. Jobber. Johnny was employed by Max Quivers. Max, like so many before and after him, has also beaten Johnny mercilessly. Johnny has a reputation for taking on wrestlers with much more skill, strength, and experience. Then again, Johnny would probably lose to a kid in junior high school. That said, Johnny cost the bank a lot of money. Max ended up having to “forgive” the loans, costing big bucks to Max’s bank. Max is not one who likes to lose anything, including money, pride, and even wrestling matches. But Max, like the rest of us, loves to see sexy Brad flexing, especially in ultra-skimpy trunks. 

Brad flexes and does some squats for Max. Brad does love to show off that sexy body. Then again, who wouldn’t? But Brad may be in some trouble as it appears Mean Max might be looking for some payback – literally and figuratively – for the loans he was forced to forgive. Max loves torturing wrestlers about as much as any other heel at W4H, but so does Brad. Brad has inflicted serious pain into many of his opponents. This match could go badly for either of these mat monsters. Brad spends countless hours in the gym, has tons of technical expertise and experience, and loves to hurt his opponents. Plain and simple, Max is huge and mean. He likes to hurt people. Always in a black suit and tie with a black mask, he does not look like wrestler, but he isn’t known for losing matches, nor showing mercy to his opponents. 

All the muscles and technical expertise is not enough for sexy Brad to overcome the brutality of Max Quivers. He does get some offense going, but it never lasts for long. Brad taps out repeatedly, but with no ref to enforce it, Max continually ignores Brad’s pleas for mercy. The is one particularly harsh Boston Crab which gives us an outstanding view of all of Brad’s personal assets, both front and rear. OMG! So freaking gorgeous! We hate seeing Brad suffer so much, but it was worth it to get those incredible views. There are a couple of vicious sleepers at the end, the second of which goes well beyond what is reasonable. We really hate seeing that gorgeous hunk of a man suffering so much at the hands of Mean Max, but the final scene leaves Brad tied up and face-down, giving us a perfect view of Brad’s rock-hard ass. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 34 seconds

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