Brad Barnes vs. Ronnie Pearl


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Brutal Brad Barnes versus Ravishing Ronnie Pearl. We can’t decide which of these two muscle hunks is the sexiest. Smooth, sexy bodies with rippling muscles, manly beards, and plenty of “personal assets” in their trunks. Trust us, there is no shortage of muscles, technical wrestling skills, very tightly packed trunks, as well as testosterone. Admittedly, we picture these wrestlers working together as a tag-team more than as opponents. Can’t you just picture these two dominating and punishing two young jobbers? Damn, now we’re totally distracted. 

Things start off very friendly with Brad holding Ronnie’s feet for him while he does his sit-ups to continually tighten those abs. Then they lock their legs together so they both can do their sit-ups. Hmm. Some light gut punching starts as they try to determine which has the tighter abs. The punching gets a little harder, then they both quickly stand. Brad fakes Ronnie out with a gut-punch, causing Ronnie to flinch. Uh-oh, it looks like the testosterone is kicking in. We’re certainly excited. 

The ab torture goes back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth. Wrestling fans with rock-hard abs will be flinching. Those of us with softer mid-sections keep our arms covering our guts the whole time. The ab punishment is endless, and both of these tenacious wrestlers dish out and receive immense amounts of pain. If you’re hoping for a heel/jobber match, you’ll be disappointed. If you love watching two stunningly sexy men beat the hell out of each other, this is the match for you. In the end, neither man will submit to the other. The winner ultimately puts the other out in a sleeper. To add insult to injury, he nonchalantly places one foot onto the chest of the loser and flexes his gorgeous muscles while slowly counting to 10. As if that isn’t sexy enough, it appears as if his trunks are packed even more tightly at this point, indicating he’s “happy” with his victory. Damn, we’d love to follow him back to the locker room. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 36 seconds

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