Braden Charron & Austin Cooper vs. Scrappy & Blake Starr


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Aw. Scrappy and Starr look so cute helping each other stretch. Decked out in shiny wrestling boots and spiffy letterman jackets, you almost feel like a kinky voyeur watching Scrappy nearly grind his ass right into Starr’s package as he helps him stretch his leg muscles. If anything, it’s sweet to watch boys treating each other with kindness and respect. But how long can it last?

Enter the muscle kings, Braden and Austin.

“You guys look real cute down there,” the muscle men laugh. Braden and Austin are so pumped they look like they’re about to explode out of their very revealing red speedos. Pecs, biceps, back muscles, thighs...every possible protrusion is like something out of a glossy gladiator muscle flick. How can fresh-faced Scrappy, and lean Starr stand up to these to colossal opponents?

Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothin’ wrong with Starr and Scrappy. Both dudes are packing some pretty serious muscles...they just look so soft and sweet up against the marble gods that are Braden and Austin. The utopian time is over, and Braden digs into Scrappy, stretching out his biceps and picks so hard the poor kid’s eyes almost bulge out of his head. Braden grabs a handful of the kid’s hair and tosses him to Austin, who puts him through a series of painful holds.

Starr jumps into the ring, Mr. Lean and pretty, and it’s hard not to laugh at how easily  he’s demolished. Austin picks up Scrappy and tosses him outta the ring, while Braden hoists Starr into the air by his neck. It’s an epic episode of lifts, carries, throws, and unbridaled bullying, and the titans brutalize the mere mortals once again.

“Get in your corner!” Austin repeatedly barks at the kids. “Stay home, punks!” might have been better advice.  

Total Run-Time: 24 minutes, 47 seconds

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