Braden Charron & Brad Barnes (Posing)


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Long time friends and rivals open this bout working out for a good pump. Brad complements Braden’s ever growing biceps. For all his bulk Braden praises Brad’s superior definition. Nonchalantly Brad mentions that conditioning helps a lot in the ring?perhaps a jab at their comparable records, both suffering some pretty humbling losses and the consistently even results against each other.

They strip to skimpy posers and keeping to gym bro tradition Braden gives Brad some pro posing tips. The boys go through several positions with Braden giving Brad plenty of instruction to maximize his aesthetic. Brad concedes that Braden is clearly the bigger of the two, but now the important question of who was actually stronger needed resolving. Arm wrestling and a test of strength leave them at 1 for 1. Stakes rise when it comes to the tie breaking bout with posing trunks on the line. Brad’s trademark teal against Braden’s lucky pinks, loser leaves in his birthday suit.

While the preliminary contests were even sided, the wrestling match is decidedly not. One muscle boy is blindsided and caught in an almost continuous onslaught for a one sided squash without so much as time to take a real breath between holds. Twisted, crushed and clawed into submission before a final sleeper puts one man down. Does Brad trade posing practice for a wrestling workshop or will Braden prove he’s not just pretty in pink? 

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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