Braden Charron (Posing)


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Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercises to control and develop one’s musculature...but that’s a narrow way of looking at it! When it comes to pros like Braden Charron, it all comes down to one thing: fantasy becoming reality. 

Take a look at ancient Greek and Roman statues. Those impressive figures were fantasies of male perfection brought to life. Go back in time and take a look at those action figures in your toy bucket, or those dudes so brilliantly splashed on the covers of the comic books you still love today. It’s fantasy, all of it...until you see Braden Charron and realize that he is 100% real. 

Now’s your chance to step into Charron’s private space, where you’ll be treated to a private showing of hard-bodied, vigorously robust, strapping, rugged, incredible muscular flawlessness. Compulsory poses, relaxed poses, free poses, and so much more. Get ready to bask in the glow of Braden Charron’s dynamic muscular light!

Total Run-time: 16 minutes

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