Braden Charron vs. Chace LaChance & Cal Bennett


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I sent Braden a text late one night to let him know I had planned a big surprise challenge for him...against not one, but two studs.

"The boss sent me here for some type of BIG challenge..." questions as the competition-ready bodybuilder enters the arena. He sees the two men whom he will be taking on, Chace LaChance and Cal Bennett. The college jocks are arrogant and ready for the challenge that I've set up for them.

Braden muscles his way through both frat boys during their arm wrestling challenges. Feeling confident, Braden issues a test of strength challenge to both men...first, one-on-one then two-on-one.

The buddies turn quickly to dirty tricks to gain control over the larger muscle stud. Double-team holds and ball stomps. The barefoot duo even takes time to pose while kicking the bodybuilder's ass. The tag team overwhelms Braden until he is left lifeless with his opponents flexing their biceps over his limp body.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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