Braden Charron vs. Christian Thorn (Thongs)


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Braden and Thorn face off in black bike shorts, white t-shirts, and bare feet, their muscular arms bursting through the sleeves, their powerful abs exposed in fleeting glimpses as they rip into each other. Braden schools Thorn like an older brother returning from college to teach his younger bro a lesson, rolling and kicking and sweating and struggling for dominance. Different ages, different sizes, yet the seem evenly matched throughout. Braden taps first, ripping off his t-shirt to expose that legendary musclegut. He throws Thorn around like a muscular ragdoll, hoisting him up in humiliating holds and pressing him into a sensual Boston crab. 

“Take that shirt off!” barks Braden. “Last man standing in a g-string is gonna win this.” The stakes are set, they go again, clashing like bulls. Braden uses Thorn to do some squats. Thorn answers with a brutal bearhug. With each tap, more clothes come off. Shorts give way to speedos, which give way to barely there g-strings, which these brawlers rub together in sensual aggression, butts bouncing, sweat emphasizing every flex and popping muscle in this steamy strip scrap! 

Total Runtime: 23 minutes, 18 seconds

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