Braden Charron vs. Donnie Dukes


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Braden looks as sexy as ever as he poses for the cameras. He’s wearing ultra-skimpy purple trunks with black boots as he shows off his rugged good looks, rippling muscles, and sexy tattoos. Enter Donnie Drake mouthing off about somebody taking up his wrestling time to pose in a wrestling ring. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Donnie is in a white singlet with wide red stripes and black boots as he debates with Braden about warming up. Given that they have completely different bodies, it should come as no surprise that they have different ways of warming up for a match. More than one sexy muscle stud has lost his match to someone with a softer body. Then again, more than one soft-bodied wrestler has been decimated by a sexy muscle stud. Are there
any bets as to which way this match will go?
An easy start for Braden leaves Donnie stunned as he’s shoved into a corner, then on
his knees in a Greco-Roman lock-up. Never underestimate a heel as Donnie opens his back of dirty tricks. Low-blows, cheap shot, rakes to the eyes, and hair pulling are all just the beginning. Braden is stretched and twisted like a pretzel. Donnie continually points out that there’s no ref, just to prove he can break the rules without any consequences. A vicious camel clutch has Braden screaming out his submission, only to be followed by verbal abuse from Donnie.
Donnie ties Braden in the ropes for some “ring positioning” lessons. The abuse Braden suffers is unbelievable, both physical and verbal. Donnie has no intention of going easy on Braden and leaves him tied in the ropes for the remainder of the match, suffering in one humiliating hold after another, until eventually being sleepered and left hanging in the ropes. Donnie may not have the physique of Braden (which of us does?), but he is clearly the superior wrestler. The humiliation Braden suffers makes us worry that he’ll quit wrestling here at W4H. Until that decision is made, we are going to rename Donnie Dukes to The Triple D. It can stand for Dirty Donnie Dukes or Diabolical Donnie Dukes. Any thoughts on that?
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 44 seconds

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